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Purler™ Wrestling, Inc is a family owned and operated wrestling company established in 1999. We offer a wide range of training opportunities for the entire nation from Private Team Camps to Weekly Summer Camps. We’ll train you at our facility, your facility, or online! Not only is Purler™ Wrestling Academy the nation’s largest wrestling school, but also one of the most successful. Our students have won many team national titles and countless state and national medals and awards. Our students have earned over $3.5 million in college wrestling scholarships. Athletes who dedicate themselves to Purler Wrestling Academy will quickly reach the state and national level as a wrestler and we have the results to prove it. Numbers don’t lie, join today!

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Summer Wrestling Camps

We offer a variety of summer wrestling camps ranging from 5-day camps to 28-day camps for ages 8-18 at our Combative Sports Athletic Center in Moscow Mills, MO. Our camps are usually 70% high school, 30% middle school and youth. These are the best wrestling camps in the country! Don't expect to be running in these camps. We teach the Purler system where drilling equals success!
2021 Summer Camps

In-Season Wrestling Camps

Purler Wrestling's Competition Hammer Camps are “in-season” wrestling camps held ten different weekends from August through May at our Combative Sports Athletic Center in Moscow Mills, MO. There are 2 day and 3 day camps available. Train with national champions/medalists, state champions/medalists, and many up-and-comers in the sport of wrestling. Camps are for ages 7-18 and are open to all skill levels, so do not be intimidated.
In-Season Hammer Camps

Private Team Camps

We offer private team camps so that your entire wrestling team can learn the Purler Wrestling system and get on the same page. We offer 2 day, 2 1/2 day, and 5 day camp options year-round. Once everyone is on board, your wrestling program will begin to run like a SUCCESS MACHINE. After this camp, you will have the ability to run your program with the precision of a Swiss watch and create astonishing results that are reproducible year after year. Many teams also use this as a fundraising option, earning up to $12,000 for their team!
Private Team Camps

Purler Wrestling Academy

The Purler Wrestling Academy is our year-round wrestling school. Students come to one of our facilities in Missouri or Illinois and train at their pace, usually 1-3 times per week. There are 3 different PWA levels available, based on your experience and commitment. We are the largest, best wrestling school in the country! Since 1999, Purler students have been winning state and national titles & medals. Want a college wrestling scholarship? Our students have earned over $3.5 million in college scholarships!
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Online Only Training!

We've put our expertise online in the form of a membership site where you can have unlimited access to hundreds of training videos. Our online academy is a wrestling training system years in the making. Nick Purler has broken down the thousands of complex techniques into 275 moves. Much like karate and gymnastics organized their training into a system of levels and belts, wrestling too can now be mastered by becoming a student at Purler Wrestling.
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College Recruiting Help

Are you looking to wrestle in college? Do you want help getting the word out? Purler Wrestling also offers college recruiting help. We will teach you, scout you, and promote you so that you have the best chance possible at getting noticed by colleges. Contact us today for help with how you can take your wrestling to the next level.
College Recruiting

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Our Students Excel!

  • I took a high school team from 30th to top ten by sending the core group to Purler and bringing Purler into our room. On a personal level, Nick and Tony took my sons from okay Colorado wrestlers to new heights. My youngest son, Colton, will graduate this May as the pound for pound best high school wrestler in the country, he also won a world championship with the Purler go behind, “the easiest two points in wrestling”. Thank you Nick!

    Rick Schultz H.S. Wrestling Coach from Colorado. His son, Cohl, is a World Jr. Champion

  • Nick was a huge part of my development as a high school wrestler. He didn't just help me win state championships, he helped me become a nationally known recruit that was ready to win at the Division I level. I will always appreciate what Nick did for me as a wrestler from both a training and mentor perspective.

    Alex Clemsen Head Coach, Univ. of Maryland

  • Purler Wrestling was the foundation to my wrestling that makes me successful today. I learned so much core technique there that has helped me to become the dominant wrestler that I am. Through repetition and a tough practice room, I was able to compete at the highest level and that skill has stayed with me into college. Purler wrestling was the best thing for my youth career.

    Daniel Lewis 3 Time NCAA All-American

  • I wrestled for Nick for almost 9 years. Purler wrestling taught me proper technique, how to drill at a high level and gave me all the tools I needed to be successful in the sport. I was fortunate to grow up under such a great system. There is no better place to wrestle.

    Drake Houdashelt NCAA Division 1 Champion

  • I started going to Purler my first year wrestling when I was 10 years old and the technique and training habits I learned there carried me all the way through the end of my college career. The best part of Purler Wrestling is that it gives wrestlers the technique and know how  to allow them to train the right way, and reach their goals.

    Keith Surber NCAA Div II All American & National Champ

  • This year, our team won its first League Title in nearly 50 years and one of our wrestlers became our school's first CIF Champion since 1965 and our first State Qualifier since 1975!  The impact of Purler Camps are obvious just from looking at our roster—all of the wrestlers that went to Purler cracked the Varsity Lineup, regardless of their grade.  We are looking forward to taking a full lineup back to Purler Camp this summer!

    Ryan Faintech Beverly Hills Wrestling