Did You Know?:

  • NCAA College coaches cannot legally contact you until June 15th going into your junior year.
  • A fully funded NCAA wrestling program only has 9.9 scholarships. With 30-40 guys on the team, and 10 guys in the starting lineup, not even every starter is on a full ride.
  • In 2018 there were 245,564 male high school wrestlers, an increase of 760 wrestlers from the previous year. There were 16,562 female wrestlers in 2018, an increase of 1,975 from the previous year.
  • In 2018, only 4.1% of male and 2.3% of female high school wrestlers, went on to wrestle in college. The percent of male wrestlers that went DI was even smaller (1.0%).
  • Since 1989, over a hundred college wrestling programs have been dropped.

With the number of high school wrestlers increasing every year and the numbers of highly-trained athletes soaring, it has never been more difficult to earn a college wrestling scholarship. Add to this, the newly imposed ‘roster limits’ that Title IX has forced many college wrestling programs to implement, which cuts deep into the opportunities that the lower-level scholarship earners used to have, and you can see that hiring professional guidance through Purler Wrestling makes the most sense. Why leave it up to chance? Let us help. With both of our college recruiting center packages, your athlete will receive their own personalized recruiting bio featured on our website here.


  • Alex Clemsen (2007 NCAA All-American for Univ. of Edinboro; Current Head Coach at Univ. of Maryland)
    • Nick was a huge part of my development as a high school wrestler. He didn’t just help me win state championships, he helped me become a nationally known recruit that was ready to win at the Division I level. I will always appreciate what Nick did for me as a wrestler from both a training and mentor perspective.
  • Josh McClure (2019 NCAA Qualifier for Univ. of North Carolina)
    • I can, without hesitation, recommend Purler Wrestling as THE source if your son or daughter wants to wrestle in college as a scholarship athlete. We started attending Purler Wrestling Academy (PWA) in approximately 2009 after hearing about Nick’s abilities as a coach, the quality of his room and his positive, common-sense approach to success in wrestling. At the time I had no idea the depth to which he was engaged and integrated across the college wrestling community. He truly seemed to know every coach and many of the high-level competitors, as many attended his camps over the years. As high school progressed and we narrowed down colleges of interest, Nick offered advice, insights and, perhaps most importantly, assisted in networking with college coaches he knew. In 2016, my son graduated high school as a 3-time Missouri state champion attending the college of his dreams, the University of North Carolina, coached by an Olympic medalist and national champion (from Nick’s alma mater)! None of this was coincidental. Without our meeting Nick Purler in 2009 and without his technical expertise, influence and contacts within the college wrestling community, little of the success my son has realized to date would have come to pass.
  • Luke Odom (Univ. of Illinois; Class of 2020)
    • We had a great experience working with Trevor and Nick with Purler Wrestling’s College Recruiting Center during the recruiting process for our son Luke. All the hard work that goes into sending out Luke’s wrestling achievements and videos to his top college picks and others was completely taken care of with minimal work from us. With the help of Trevor Nick, Luke was able to verbally commit to his #1 pick the University of Illinois at the start of his Junior year.  If you are looking for help with college recruiting for your child with an organization that has extensive knowledge in college wrestling, and a passion for the sport, you’ve come to the right place. You will not be disappointed in what  you receive with the Purler Wrestling College Recruiting Center. They are top notch in the business.
  • Ben Lunn (Univ. of Minnesota; Class of 2020)
    • As a parent of a Minnesota high school wrestler, the college wrestling recruitment process was a new and daunting experience for us. Coach Feagans & Coach Purler have created a business model that is both customized and attentive to detail for the wrestler who is motivated to garner the attention of college coaches. This model will get your wrestler noticed by college coaches. While building a noteworthy wrestling resume is a critical part of the college recruitment process, getting noticed by college coaches is an equally important part of this process. Thank you Coach Feagans & Coach Purler for helping us navigate the recruitment process and assisting us in getting recognized by college coaches around the country.
  • Noah Surtin (Mizzou; Class of 2019)
    • Purler Wrestling system has been a key component in my son, Noah Surtin’s, wrestling since he was eleven. Purler provides focused drill, detailed instruction on how to achieve an athlete’s best wrestling, and a group of coaches who are always willing to help (in season or out). A quick story: Noah lost 10 – 0 to a kid at the Cadet National Duals in 2017. Nick heard what happened and asked him to come out to the camp site when he got back. We went out to camp one day during lunch, and Trevor and Nick worked on strategies to deal with this particular opponent’s strength. Three weeks later, Noah earned a tech fall in the semi-finals at Fargo against the same kid who teched him at the Cadet duals. He went on to win Fargo, which ultimately led to him getting attention from major college programs, and ultimately choosing to continue his wrestling career at the University of Missouri. We are thankful for everything Nick and his team of coaches have done for Noah throughout the years; and continue to do for our son Connor. If you want a place where your athlete will have an opportunity to work hard and learn the tools to help them reach their goals–look no further than Purler Wrestling.
  • Nick Krug (Air Force Academy; Class of 2019)
    • I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the excellent service and national exposure your business provided. We entrusted your expertise/professionalism/sincerity through this process and you delivered. Our son had interest from multiple top schools at the NCAA D-1 /D-2 level, including the Service Academies and Ivy League schools. He chose Air Force Academy and we are ecstatic about his decision. Thank you very much for all your help.

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