Leg Riding Series

  1. Turns from Knees
    1. Power half to Punch away ½ and to a lock down
    2. ¼ Nelson
    3. Snap Hands to counter his tripod


  1. Turns from stomach
    1. Power ½ (Wrist/Elbow/Head/Pushup/1/2/turn)
    2. Turk to (Walk him Back/Roll Face to Grape Vine)


  1. Break Down From His Hip Smash
    1. Lock Down (he’s on his elbow)
    2. Turk – Walk to ‘C’ / Roll face to grapevine
    3. 2 on 1 to High Half


  1. Leg Riding Defense
    1. Hip Smash to: Elbow in and Attack the foot (these are from a SCOOT)
    2. Hip Smash to: Head hunt (NO SCOOT)