Getting Started with PWA

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Thank you for the interest in Purler Wrestling Academy.  We  are glad to have you involved.  We are in our 15th year in the training business and have had a lot of successes over the past 1.5 decades.  Our student’s results and college success is available at our website.  We hope to help your son(s) to reach a new level of success on the mats.  With some commitment on your / their part, I am sure it will happen.  Please do not hesitate to email me or call / text at 314-229-3540 if you ever need guidance.  I am always available to help you and your wrestler(s) so don’t hesitate if I can be of further  assistance.

A few items to note:

You must register before you can practice with us.

We do NOT take payments at practice.  The cost is $93 / month with a sibling price of $128 for both.

This payment system is set up as a 12 month system, however there are NO contracts and PWA members are NOT locked into year round training.  Our PWA Elite program (see below) is the only program we offer that is a year round commitment (and 8 months for High School kids).   If you, the PWA wrestler, decide to take time off, we can suspend the payments so just email us if that is the case.

PWA Elite – If your son is in High School, he may want to  sign up for our 8 month PWA Elite program.   Our high school Elite program is open-enrollment while our youth Elite program is something only the PWA kids with 6-10 months of PWA training can have access to.    Cost for PWA Elite is $135 / month and allows the kids access to 2 nights of PWA High School training as well as  the Thursday Elite practice…. so 3 practices per week.  Most kids come just 1-2X per week, however.  The fee is the same regardless of how you decide to take advantage of the training nights.  PWA Elite is not an All-Star program as we do not believe in recruiting the most talented kids nor turning away the normal kids.  PWA Elite, whether it be our High School program, or our youth program, is simply a place for the year round wrestlers to train alongside athletes who, too, are making this next level of commitment to the sports.   For us coaches, this enables us to expand our drill regimen and offer a faster paced practice.

PWA Benefit

One year of PWA training (1X per week) equals the same amount of training you would get by signing up for 5 full weeks of summer camp, which would cost $2,500 plus travel and misc.   PWA is a great AND very affordable way to get to the top….  think of us as a year-round training camp.