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purler training center at purler wrestling academy

Check out our new, privately owned 17,000 square foot training center!

Purler Wrestling, Inc is a family owned and operated wrestling company which was established in 1999 and has since grown to offer a wide range of training opportunities for the entire nation. Purler Wrestling Academy commonly carries over 150 students with some driving  3-5 hours round trip to train with Nick at their weekly training sessions which operate in Missouri and Illinois.

Not only is Purler Wrestling Academy the nation’s largest wrestling school, but also one of it’s most successful. Their students have won many team national titles, as well as, countless state and national medals and awards.  Visit the MEDAL COUNT page of the site and see the success of their students.

If you dream of success, we can help. “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!”

PWA offers year-round training for the serious, disciplined, and dedicated wrestler.  However, the amount of training is up to you.

bedroom bunkhouse at purler wrestling academy3 training programs available at Purler Wrestling Academy:

If you think of wrestling as having 3 important levels (layers) of wrestling, you can better understand the different programs offered by Purler Wrestling Academy.  The higher the commitment level of the student (attendance on a year round basis / or not), then the higher the level of training we are able to provide.

  1. PWA – This is our month-to-month academy for both high school and youth wrestlers.   While training at PWA is offered on a year-round basis, the athletes can come and go as  they please, dependent upon their other sports commitments, etc.  The CORE skills of wrestling (Level I) are hammered home in the PWA wrestling rooms and many of the top wrestlers in college wrestling have used the PWA program in order to build themselves into elite wrestlers.  PWA athletes can train as much as 2-3 times a week (see schedule for PWA practices) at no additional cost, as long as we have space (which we generally ALWAYS do). NOT ONLY ARE WE THE BEST, WE ARE ALSO THE MOST AFFORDABLE PROGRAM. The cost of one wrestler per month is $93 for 2 siblings it is $128.50.
  2. PWA Elite – In this program, we require wrestlers to make a year-round commitment so that we can train in all vital areas of wrestling (Level I, II and III).   PWA Elite wrestlers get access to multiple nights per week of training.  The cost for one wrestler  per month for our Elite program is $139, for sibling pricing please email Nick at nick@purlerwrestling.com.
  3. PWA Quest – This newer program is basically the same training program as PWA Elite (Level I, II, and III), however, being that these are at our satellite locations, these students are only offered training once per week.  This is also a year-round commitment and not for those who want to only train a few months a year.  We no longer offer the PWA (month-to-month / train when you can) program at our satellite locations.  The cost for one wrestler per month is $110 and for 2 siblings it is $128.

Year-round commitment – Youth wrestlers = 12 months per year.  High School wrestlers = 8 months per year.

PWA Elite (Year-Round Program)

PWA Elite is a year-round training program (8 month commitment required for high school athletes) offered to the most dedicated and involved wrestlers. If you are a youth wrestler and new to PWA, and have interest in getting involved in our Elite program, you will need to put in a minimum of 8-12 full months of training at a PWA location, so that you can get the core drills and routines down…..basically learning our system.   *High School wrestlers interested in our Elite program can join at any time, as our Elite program for their age class is open enrollment.

Please see the schedule page for times and locations.

purler training center bathroomPWA Quest (Year-Round Satellite Program)

PWA Quest are our satellite locations, ran by our trained staff, but not always held in highly populated areas, or with the option of offering 2-3 nights of training, as we do at PWA and PWA Elite.

PWA Quest is a year-round program (year-round for youth and 8 month commitment for high school kids) in which we take a limited number of wrestlers, with the goal of taking them to a ‘monster-level’ of wrestling performance.  Quest athletes will be trained according to the same 3+ page set of drill routines as the Elite program’s athletes, however, we can only offer one night a week of training.

Cost is $110 per month and training includes one 2.5 hour per week practice with a total commitment to getting kids to an amazing level of wrestling.

Like the PWA (month to month) and PWA Elite (year round) programs, held in Nick Purler’s established locations, PWA Quest is a  ‘training program only’ and is NOT a  team. Your wrestler will continue to train with his/her team and use PWA Quest to supplement those efforts only.

shower room at purler wrestling training centerPurler Wrestling Academy’s Success Story

Four Time Tulsa National Champions!

Purler Wrestling established itself as a premiere wrestling school in the US by helping hundreds of students reach their dreams of winning state and national medals or titles. Furthermore, they are proud to have played a role in helping put the states of MO and IL on the wrestling map.

Purler Wrestling students have won the prestigious Junior National title, Cadet National Title, Cadet and Junior National All-American honors, as well as, the touted Trinity Award, Dominator and Ultimate Dominator award.  A few students won the VERY competitive USA Wrestling Triple Crown trophy.

Join Purler Wrestling Today!

To get involved with PWA or to set up trial workouts, contact PWA today. In addition, if you’d like to bring an intensive training camp to your area Nick travels throughout the year to wrestling rooms all over the mid-west to deliver a top-notch, intensive wrestling camp to your team.

The tuition for PWA is $93.00 per month. Purler Wrestling Academy carries a lengthy waiting list certain times of the year as space is limited. If you feel you are ready for the next step in your wrestling career, get involved today.

PWA Includes:

  • A fiercely competitive workout room
  • Exposure to advanced wrestling techniques and philosophies
  • Traveling team membership
  • Scrimmage opportunities
  • Guest instructors

Who can join PWA? We take any wrestler who has wrestling experience and as desire to set fire to their wrestling career.  Ages for PWA are 14-19 for High School academy and 7-14 for the Youth academy.