PWA offers year-round training for the serious, disciplined, and dedicated wrestler. However, the amount of training is up to you.

Purler™ Wrestling, Inc is a family owned and operated wrestling company which was established in 1999 and has since grown to offer a wide range of training opportunities for the entire nation. Purler™ Wrestling Academy commonly carries over 150 students with some driving 3-5 hours, round trip, to train with Nick at their weekly training sessions, which operate in Missouri and Illinois. 2X World Silver Medalist, Alli Ragan trained at PWA growing up, and has some nice things to say about PWA. Listen here:

Not only is Purler™ Wrestling Academy the nation’s largest wrestling school, but also one of its most successful. We have been in the wrestling training business since 1999. Our students have won many team national titles, as well as countless state and national medals and awards. Our students have earned over $4 million in college wrestling scholarships. Athletes who dedicate themselves to the Purler Wrestling Academy will quickly reach the state and national level as a wrestling competitor, and we have the results to prove it. Numbers don’t lie, join today.

Please do not hesitate to email me or call / text at 314-229-3540 if you ever need guidance. I am always available to help you and your wrestler(s), so don’t hesitate if I can be of further assistance.

One year of PWA training (1X per week) equals the same amount of training you would get by signing up for 5 full weeks of summer camp, which would cost $2,500 plus travel and misc. PWA is a great AND very affordable way to get to the top…. think of us as a year-round training camp.

PWA is now offering a GIRLS ONLY TRAINING SESSION at Combative Sports Athletic Center on Thursday from 6:30-8:45.

All other PWA rooms are COED, so feel free to join us at those locations if you choose! However, we have set this night aside for the girls only, so that they have a night for themselves.

Purler Wrestling is now offering a beginners program. Our beginners program will focus on training only for the first month. Then, we will enter the beginners tournaments as a team. At this time our new athletes will have up to four nights a week of training available to them and will be encouraged to practice twice a week if possible. Our beginners will have a free camp January 12 from 1:30 to 5:00. This will allow us to get the athletes all the core skills that they need. Then, in February they will slide into our regular Academy programs, Where their improvement will accelerate quickly. Tuition is $114.99 per month and no, we do not have contracts. We want to make this easy for all the athletes to experience the sport of wrestling at no risk to the parents. Purler wrestling is the nation's largest wrestling academy with locations across three different states. This is a unique opportunity for your athletes to learn the sport of wrestling from the very best in the business, right from scratch. The athletes who would like to train year-round have that option, as all of our locations do train year-round. As your athletes improve they can look forward to moving up to our PWA Elite program or even our World Class Wrestler Program. We average over 130 state medalists every season and also offer a summer wrestling league/team, for those who have interest. We look forward to having you involved.

If you dream of success, we can help.

“Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!”

4 purler wrestling ACADEMY options

The higher the commitment level of the student, the higher the level of training we are able to provide.

NOW ENROLLING Beginner Wrestlers!

Learn the sport that sets all MMA stars apart. NO RISK with our month-to-month format, and enjoy a FREE CAMP at our facility. Give the sport a try! Ages 6-16

  • All kids get a FREE introductory wrestling camp / clinic so students and parents get to see if wrestling is for your kid(s) before you deciding to sign up for classes.
  • Beginners camps are held every 4 months.
    • Next camp is at our gym (4880 Mette Rd., Moscow Mills, MO) on February 2nd from 10:30 – 3:00. Make sure to pack a lunch. Parents are welcome to stay and watch.
  • Academy tuition is $114.99 / month. No contracts. Train as you wish. We are happy to accomodate you.

How it Works

  • Once the kids finish the FREE camp, those interested are enrolled in Purler Wrestling Academy and train 2-3X per week
  • During the months of November – July, athletes will have scheduled tournaments that they can attend with our team
  • Purler Wrestling Academy is the nation’s largest wrestling academy with locations across 3 states, and led by MO Hall of Fame wrestler, Nick Purler

This is our month to month academy for both high school and youth wrestlers.

While training at PWA is offered on a year-round basis, the athletes can come and go as they please, depending on their other sport commitments, etc. The CORE skills of wrestling (Level I) are hammered home in the PWA wrestling rooms, and many of the top wrestlers in college wrestling have used the PWA program in order to build themselves into elite wrestlers. PWA athletes can train as much as 2-3 times a week (see schedule for PWA practices) at no additional cost, as long as we have space (which we generally ALWAYS do).

  • Train up to 2-3 times per week (see schedule for PWA practices)
  • The BEST, most AFFORDABLE program anywhere!
  • $114.99/month, $128.50 for 2 siblings

What We Offer

  • A fiercely competitive workout room
  • Exposure to advanced wrestling techniques and philosophies
  • Traveling team membership
  • Scrimmage opportunities
  • Guest instructors

Who Can Join PWA?

We take any wrestler who has wrestling experience and as desire to set fire to their wrestling career. Ages for PWA are 14-19 for High School academy and 7-14 for the Youth academy.

PWA Elite is a year-round training program offered to the most dedicated and involved wrestlers.

In this program, we require wrestlers to make a year-round commitment so that we can train in all vital areas of wrestling (Level I, II and III). PWA Elite wrestlers get access to multiple nights per week of training.

  • For high school students, 8 month commitment required
  • $139/month, email Nick for sibling price

If your wrestler is in high school, you may want to sign up for our 8 month PWA Elite program. Our Elite program is open-enrollment. Cost for PWA Elite is $139/month and allows the kids access to 2 nights of PWA High School training as well as the Thursday Elite practice…. so 3 practices per week. Most kids come just 1-2 times per week, however. The fee is the same regardless of how you decide to take advantage of the training nights.

PWA Elite is not an All-Star program. We do not believe in recruiting the most talented kids nor turning away the normal kids. PWA Elite, whether it be our high school program or our youth program, is simply a place for the year round wrestlers to train alongside athletes who also are making this next level of commitment to the sports. For us coaches, this enables us to expand our drill regimen and offer a faster paced practice.

PWA World Class Wrestler Program (WCWP) is a once a week, year-round training program. ***REGISTRATION FULL***

This program will consist of hand-picked PWA Elite room kids (invitation only). This program allows for more individualized attention, as well as an expanded drill plan. The focus of this room is to offer more individualized attention and an expanded set of drill routines. In this room, we will also be able to work through more techniques and areas of focus during each practice.

  • For high school students, 8 month commitment required (youth = 12 months)
  • $228/month, email Nick for sibling price

pwa program comparison

Beginners PWA PWA Elite PWA WCWP
Wrestling 101
Wrestling 202
Wrestling 303
Wrestling 404
Wrestling 505
Monthly Commitment/Flexibility
Year-Round Commitment for Youth & 8-Month Commitment for High School
Train at All PWA Locations for One Price
Train at All PWA & PWA Elite Locations for One Price
Train at All PWA, PWA Elite, &WCWP Locations for One Price

You must register before you can practice with us. We do NOT take payments at practice. The cost is $114.99/month per wrestler and $128/month for 2 siblings.

This payment system is set up as a 12 month system, however there are NO contracts and PWA members are NOT locked into year round training. Our PWA Elite program (see below) is the only program we offer that is a year round commitment (and 8 months for High School kids). If you, the PWA wrestler, decide to take time off, we can suspend the payments so just email us if that is the case.

100% money back guarantee!

There is NO RISK. Simply register and come train with us for a month. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply email us and we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.

we can come to you!

In addition, if you’d like to bring an intensive training camp to your area, Purler Wrestling travels throughout the year to wrestling rooms all over the country to deliver a top-notch, intensive wrestling camp to your team.

Purler™ Wrestling Academy carries a lengthy waiting list certain times of the year as space is limited. If you feel you are ready for the next step in your wrestling career, get involved today.