Quick 180: Video Analysis


We will get you on the fast track to wrestling success by watching 25-30 of your matches (send us the recorded video), then provide back to you a full video review / breakdown of your wrestling.

Total: $399


The "Quick 180: Video Analysis" includes the following:

  • Allow us to completely OVERHAUL your wrestling and make a "Quick 180" by watching film for 25-30 of your matches and providing film breakdown. Send us videos, we’ll provide technique/match strategy notes.

Customers will have the benefit of expert wrestling coaches (former DI wrestlers, college All-Americans, etc.) personally reviewing video of their wrestling matches. This one-on-one critiquing provides countless benefits for the betterment of your wrestling career. We'll review up to 30 of your recorded matches throughout the year. After we watch 25-30 of your matches, if you decide you want us to watch 25-30 more, we will do so for $199.

Examples of what we will say or provide:

  • Make contact with your trail leg hand first.
  • Don't spend so much time in a squared stance.
  • You're not wrestling patient enough.
  • Keep your right pec over your right knee.
  • Reaching with your attack hand cost you that takedown.
  • You have too much weight on your back foot.
  • You are using your attack hand to control your opponent's head. This is preventing you from getting to the legs more.
  • Circle to the back leg against these better athletes.
  • Wrestle in "sprints" and don't move non-stop…this is an example.
  • You are wrestling too anxious to get away on bottom. This caused you to give up your wrist, which lead to getting titled.
  • You're not wrestling to the legs. You missed three opportunities to get to the legs.

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