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Stuck at Home? Don’t let your Wrestling Training stop!

Purler Online Wrestling Academy is now only $14.99 per month so that wrestlers throughout the country don’t have to stop their training.

Much like the sport of Karate was organized into a system of belts, Purler Wrestling has organized it’s wrestling training into a system of moves that take you from basic to expert. Purler Wrestling Averages Over 130 State Medalists per year. Purler Wrestling’s students are proven champions. Enroll in our online academy today and take your wrestling to the next level.


Total: $194.99


The entire Purler Wrestling Online Academy is based on narrowing down the sport of wrestling’s 6,000-plus techniques into the BEST 275 wrestling techniques and skills. Then, we take those skills and categorize them (Basics, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III).

Similar to how gymnastics and karate mapped out and organized their complicated sports into levels or belts, Purler Wrestling, back in 1999, COMPLETELY ORGANIZED the sport of wrestling.

Our results are nothing short of impressive.

  • Average of 130 state medalists and 50 state finalists each season.
  • In 2019, 24% of Missouri’s high school state finalists, and a whopping 14% of the entire states’ state champions were from Nick’s Purler Wrestling Academy program!
  • PWA students have earned over $3.5 Million in college wrestling scholarships since 2005
  • Many of the most famous college wrestling stars were dedicated Purler Wrestling Academy students and campers. Some of them include:
    • Jr. World Champion, Cohlton Schultz
    • World Silver Medalist, Alli Ragan
    • NCAA Champions and All-Americans Drake Houdashelt, Alex Clemson, Nick Lee, Stevan Micic, Daniel Lewis

Enroll now in our Purler Wrestling Online Academy. We broke down the sport of wrestling down to the best 300 wrestling moves and we offer the step by step instruction for each move. Whether you are a wrestler or coach, we have everything in one place to help your wrestling or coaching career.