Gold Package: “College Wrestling Recruiting Mentoring Program (3-Month)”


Purler Wrestling offers a full service, college recruiting mentorship program for select athletes. This is a six month (minimum) commitment. This allows us an opportunity to positively impact your athlete’s wrestling career. Once your athlete is fully prepared, they become more valuable to recruiters. Thus, their scholarship offers will soar. Their rate of improvement can be massive!

Total: $999


Purchasing the Purler Wrestling College Recruiting Mentoring Program is an investment in your young athlete's future. By putting your trust in us, we can now personally recommend your athlete because we know your athlete's strengths & weaknesses, dedication to the sport, academic info, and more. We can put our stamp on your athlete and tell college coaches that your athlete is "Purler Trained," which carries a lot of weight with college coaches.

Included in this package

  1. Purler Wrestling: College Recruiting Secrets Revealed ($39.99)
  2. Athlete profile featured on our website ($239.88 / yr.)
    This is your personal webpage to update at your disposal. It will include your personal information, athletic & academic accomplishments, etc. We send the link to this database to college coaches 15 times per year (we have contact information to every college program in the country). This allows us to nurture a relationship between your athlete and the college coaches.
  3. FREE access to our Purler Wrestling Online Academy ($358.88 / yr.)
  4. 3 FREE Purler Wrestling Competition Hammer Camps ($350 value)
  5. $200 Purler Wrestling Gear Package
  6. Added Value:
    • How-to Get Recruited Packet ($39.99) + Athlete profile featured on our website ($239.88 / yr.) + Online Academy ($358.88) + Competition Hammer Camps ($350) + Gear Package ($200)
      • Total added value of $1,188.75 / yr.
    • An extra $5,000-$50,000 in college wrestling scholarships??? A chance for your athlete to fulfill their dream of becoming college athlete??? = INVALUABLE

Prerequisites for College Wrestling Mentoring Program

  • Your athlete must be a year-round wrestler and want to wrestle in college

What we do for you in our mentoring program:

  1. We will watch film for 25-30 of your matches and provide film breakdown.
    • A few things we will look for:
      • Are you making contact with your trail leg hand?
      • Are you spending too much time in a squared stance?
      • What critical decisions are you making in matches that could affect the match?
      • Are you not wrestling patient enough?
      • Are you controlling your opponent’s head with your attack hand? Thus, preventing you from getting to the legs more?
      • Do you have too much weight on your back foot?
  2. We will watch film of your competition and help you develop a game plan that will give you a leg up.
    • A few things we will look for:
      • Opponent has a great lefty single leg. Circling left will help stop this.
      • Opponent pressures in really hard. A give-ground-and-go leg attack should present itself.
      • Opponent has a great cross wrist tilt. An elbow dig counter will be a great option to prevent from getting tilted.
      • Opponent immediately sits the corner on a hi-crotch. I would circle-stab to help keep your shoulder in the pocket.
      • Opponent likes to go to a shin whizzer tilt off of single leg defense. Keeping a hand above the knee will help prevent them from being able to turn back.
  3. Confidence Coaching
    • In big matches there are two kinds of athletes; the athlete that keeps their composure and wins, and the athlete that lets the moment get to them and chokes. Members of our program will learn how to choke proof their wrestling through:
      • Self-evaluation forms
      • Learning to manage stress
      • Focus: learning and understanding how to think
      • Positive self-talk
      • How to ensure match readiness
      • How goal setting can effect confidence
      • Tournament mindset tips
      • Etc.
  4. Weight Loss Strategies
    • We will help your athlete with the ins & outs of making weight efficiently and effectively.
  5. We Contact College Coaches on Your Behalf
    • Members of our program have their profile seen by college coaches many times a year, as contact college coaches on your behalf no less than 15 times a year with progress reports. By having your own recruiting profile in our database, this allows you to reach out to college coaches and give you control over your own recruiting efforts.