Gold Package: College Recruiting Secrets Revealed

$38.50 month
Total: $78.49


The Gold Package includes the following:

  • The Purler Wrestling: College Recruiting Secrets Revealed
  • Athlete profile featured on our website

With our database that includes every college wrestling coach in the USA from: Division I, II, III, Junior College, NAIA, and Women's College Teams, we are able to be in steady contact with the community of collegiate wrestling coaches and have been in monthly contact with them since we started our recruiting efforts back in 2002.

Our 14 page, PDF booklet will thoroughly detail how to get noticed by colleges if you want to wrestle beyond the high school level.

The monthly subscription portion of this package provides your athlete a profile featured on our College Recruiting Center that is used to inform college coaches about our athletes. We email every college coach in America 15 times a year on our recruits’ behalf; this way college coaches actually get a chance to know our athletes instead of you trying to ‘cold call’ them when it’s time for your recruiting process to start. This allows us to build and nurture a relationship between you and the college coaches.

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