Bronze Package: College Recruiting Secrets Revealed

$38.50 month
Total: $78.49


The Bronze Package includes the following:

  • The Purler Wrestling: College Recruiting Secrets Revealed
  • Athlete profile featured on our website

With the number of high school wrestlers increasing every year and the numbers of highly-trained athletes soaring, it has never been more difficult to earn a college wrestling scholarship. Add to this, the newly imposed ‘roster limits’ that Title IX has forced many college wrestling programs to implement, which cuts deep into the opportunities that the lower-level scholarship earners used to have, and you can see that hiring professional guidance through Purler Wrestling makes the most sense.

We know tons of college coaches and I’d say all of them know of us. With our database that includes every college wrestling coach in the USA from: Division I, II, III, Junior College, and NAIA, we are able to be in steady contact with the world of collegiate wrestling and have been in monthly contact with them since we started our recruiting efforts back in 2002.

Our 14 page, PDF booklet will thoroughly detail how to get noticed by colleges if you want to wrestle beyond the high school level.

The monthly subscription portion of this package does two important things:

  1. It allows you to build your own wrestling bio that you can updated anytime you’d like.
  2. With the click of a button we can share all updated profiles with these coaches and help to keep you in the front of the minds of these coaches, which is vital to getting known and picked up.

Our protocol is to share your information with the college scouts 10 times per year and offer direct contact when necessary, as well as sharing our methods with yo so that you are able to ‘help yourself’ at this critical time in your career.

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