Private Small Group Camps

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PRIVATE SMALL GROUP TRAINING CAMPS – Bring a intensive camp to your small group of wrestling friends, teammates, dual team members, and wrestlers who are tired of low-intensity “mat-time” camps.


This is for the parents who would love to have a Private Team Camp and have PURLER WRESTLING COME TO YOU, but can’t get the entire team or coaches on board. However, they CAN get 10-15 or so friends on board and get access to a small wrestling room for the weekend!   Many are in need of Purler Wrestling’s NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED, super intensive, HAMMER-STYLE HIGH REP DRILLING FORMAT but have found themselves at the mercy of their coaches for training options.  Now you can make it happen!


Each wrestler does receive at FREE $220 Purler Wrestling System DVD Set.



Camp limit

Not to exceed 18 athletes.  (Teams who have interest should email for PRIVATE TEAM CAMP info packet)


We still only ask for a flat rate fee, as well as 2  hotel nights, but we do cover all the air travel, car rentals, and all other expenses and send our DRILL INSTRUCTOR to your school. Fee is $3,575 so around $75 per day per wrestler so within reach for all and way more cost effective than a weekend tournament where the athletes get around 9-14 lousy MINUTES of wrestling.  Our PSGC will have a hard wrestling session at the end of each day so a 3+ hour live session plus the SKILL DEVELOPMENT time for the rest of the camp. In the end, SKILLS WIN!  And with over 2,000 State Medalists and camps that drew many of the now-famous college wrestlers each summer, Purler Wrestling can deliver.

Simply stated – if you can get a handful of your friends and wrestling contacts involved and get a small group of dedicated kids into a room with Purler Wrestling for a weekend (Friday night 6-9 pm / all day Saturday and Sunday), this 15 hours of VERY FOCUSED DRILL TIME could offer a very affordable camp opportunity that could change the kids’ careers. You could schedule this PSGC several times per year and build a little powerhouse of stud wrestlers WITHOUT paying the $200-$300 plus $500+ camp cost to go to an away / overnight summer camp.

Plus, the Private SG Camp is offered year-round so offers a great way for dedicated parents of elite wrestlers to have NEXT LEVEL training anytime of year.

Cost for the camp:

2.5 days = Each wrestler will receive the FREE $220 DVD set.

Book your PSGC today! Simply fill out this link below and in 3-4 minutes you have your camp saved and we will bring the Private Small Group Camp to you.

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