Austin Neal – Drury

Austin Neal – Drury

St. Louis, Missouri
Date of Birth
Year of Graduation
High School
Oakville High School
School's Address
5557 Milburn Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63129
Coach's Name
Brett Lieberoff
Coach's Phone
mobile: 3146045511
Years Involved in Wrestling
Accomplishments to Date


Record of 34-12


Record of 36-6

All-Suburban Finalist

Mascoutah Tournament Finalist

Lindbergh Tournament Finalist

3rd at districts

2014 Missouri State Qualifier


Record of 44-7

2015 Missouri State Qualifier

2015 Missouri State Placer (4th)

Lindbergh Tournament Champion (Most Outstanding Wrestler)

All-Suburban Finalist

Mascoutah Invitational Finalist

Top Athletes Beaten Over the Past 2 Years
  • Alex Wier-Lafayette, MO(2014 Dual, 2015 State)
  • Jacob Brune-Jefferson City, MO(2015 State)
  • Kyler Rea-Neosho, MO (2013 Preseason Nationals)
  • Brady O’Keefe-Carson City, NV (NHSCA)
  • Tim Bogar-Lafayette, MO (2015 Duals)
  • Andy Dierkes-Lindbergh, MO (2015 dual, tourney, Districts)
  • Liam Hannon-Plainfield, IL (2014 Midwest Nat’ls)
  • Aaron Grigsby-Bentonville, AR (2014 FallBrawl)
  • Patrick Munn-Houston, TX (2013 PreSeason Nat’ls)
  • Kendall Frame-Goddard, KS (2013 PreSeason Nat’ls)
  • Kordell Norfleet-Chicago, IL (2013 Indy Nat’ls)

My name is Austin Neal, and I am 17 years old. Growing up, my main focus was football. Starting on both sides of the field from K-8th grade, I thought I had it going for me. Though I didn’t know it at the time, in 4th grade my life had changed instantly. My dad picked me up from football practice asking if I wanted to wrestle, and sure enough I tried it out. From there on, I realized I loved the sport and wanted to start training off season. At that time I joined Purler Wrestling Academy and trained with Nick Purler year around, My first year of wrestling, I did not qualify for the state tournament. But after months of training with Purler and going to his camps and going to many off-season tournaments, my next 4 years I qualified & placed at the state tournament. Once high school hit, everyone hit their growth spurt. After playing most of my Freshman year on the sideline, I quit football and put my main focus onto wrestling. I have achieved many things, but hope to continue achieving things as I am about to finish off my last high school wrestling season this winter.

I have two younger sisters, Allisyn (13) and Avery (12) who both wrestled. Allisyn won many tournaments her 1st grade year, then quit to dance and do pageants. My sister Avery, she just started wrestling, as I got her into a middle school tournament. She ended up winning, so now she is planning on attending many tournaments and camps in the summer, and join wrestling in the winter. My mother Beth was the first girl wrestler at Seckman when she was in high school. My father Al wrestled at Pattonville, later joining the military.

I definitely plan on wrestling in college, and I want to focus on majoring in physical therapy.

Extra Curricular Activities

Student Council

ACT Score
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Cumulative GPA to Date
SAT Score
Have not taken SAT, although I am taking it in June
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