Purler Wrestling is home to the world’s first online wrestling academy for coaches and wrestlers. The program is based on narrowing down the sport of wrestling’s 6000+ moves into the BEST 275 techniques and skills.

The system breaks down those skills in a series of easy to understand videos that step our monthly members from beginner to champion. Similar to how gymnastics and karate mapped out and organized their complicated sports into levels or belts, Purler Wrestling has organized the sport of wrestling into a complete system that flat out gets results.

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Our online wrestling academy is available to members 24/7, 365 days a year. Train as often as you want, whenever you want!

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Nick has been training wrestlers in Missouri and Illinois since 1999. He has coached hundreds of state champions over his career and many national champions, NCAA All-Americans, and even NCAA Champion, Drake Houdashelt. His PWA members have earned over 3 million in college scholarships and he frequently fields recruiting calls from Division I coaches because they know wrestlers trained by Nick will be successful.

It’s Also in the Head

Drills and physical training are important, but we train you on the mental side of wrestling as well. With over 30 years of coaching experience to share there is always something to learn from Nick!

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Our members receive discount pricing on in-person wrestling camps held at Nick’s own training center in MIssouri and on his custom Purler Wrestling gear and apparel.

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Receive more coaching and critiques in the members-only forum.


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Our basic series is recommended for wrestlers with zero to three years of experience. Many of the skills and ideas shared on our basics series are areas not covered in many wrestling programs.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the sport of wrestling defined, explained, and taught. Many feel that phase 1 is the finest wrestling product ever produced for the sport of wrestling.

Phase 2

Phase 2 takes you to the “next tier” of wrestling techniques that you will need to know and understand since the more advanced wrestlers will have a somewhat different set of common positions.

Phase 3

Phase 3 rounds out of 4 step training course by building upon the key areas of hand fighting, scrambling, tricks of the trade, and advanced finishes.

Other Courses

Core Wrestling Skills, Dynamic Drilling, Hand Fighting, for Coaches Only, and more!

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For over 20 years, Purler Wrestling has been

Getting Results

Since 1999, Purler Wrestling students have been winning state and national titles. In 2018, Purler Wrestling Academy (PWA) students won 43 state titles and we average over 125 state medalists each year. In 2019, 24% of Missouri’s high school state finalists, and a whopping 14% of the entire states’ state champions were from Nick’s Purler Wrestling Academy program! Since 2005, PWA students have earned over $3.5 Million in college wrestling scholarships.

Many of the most famous college wrestling stars were dedicated Purler students. Here area just a few of them:

  • World Champ Cohlton Schults
  • World Silver Alli Ragan
  • NCAA Champion and All-American Drake Houdashelt
  • NCAA Champion and All-American Alex Clemson
  • NCAA Champion and All-American Nick Lee
  • NCAA Champion and All-American Jacob Warner
  • NCAA Champion and All-American Stevan Micic
  • NCAA Champion and All-American Daniel Lewis

our students excel!

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