We only accept approximately one hundred and twenty athletes per week divided into two groups, compared to the 400+ wrestlers you will encounter at many college-sponsored camps. Needless to say, your wrestler will get individual attention from Nick and his staff…the kind of hands-on attention your athlete deserves.

Last year’s camps had top wrestlers from as far away as CA, CO, IL, KS, OK, TX, TN, NE, LA, AK, ID, FL and NY. In addition, these camps have become a team camp of sorts for Purler Wrestling Academy. Your child will have access to many of the nation’s top high school and youth wrestlers that are familiar with our system which will accelerate their learning.

Because we accept just 60 or so wrestlers per workout session each week….our camp does fill quickly and almost all advertising has been word-of-mouth. I begin getting calls and reserving spots as early as November. Those waiting until the deadline may not get in. You will want to register ASAP if you are serious about getting into the one of my camps.

Parents are not allowed to attend camp, however they are invited to watch the last session.  We can not make overnight or daily accommodations, there are hotels nearby.

More about Nick Purler’s training camps:

One week (5 full days) of intensive training by one of the most technical coaches in America.  Nick Purler and his trained staff will teach your wrestler the nuts and bolts of winning wrestling techniques.

“I believe I have developed some of the best training camps in America.  I spent over 24 years in wrestling and was a member of 3 NCAA Championship wrestling teams while competing for Oklahoma State University. In addition, I  spent many summers in Team USA Training Camps, as well as, the Olympic Training Center preparing for International competitions. Needless to say, I  trained with the best coaches in the world and  I have much to share with your wrestler. As a full-time coach, I developed my own method and system to teaching and training that enables me to help kids by SIMPLIFYING the sport of wrestling. While at my camp and academy, students are taught to focus much of their drill time in ‘core’ areas of wrestling. It is important to understand that MOST points are scored from the same 3 areas. Athletes that heed to this advice will see tremendous improvement in a very short period of time. My coaching philosophy is to be an EFFECTIVE trainer and to teach kids to become EFFECTIVE wrestlers.”

–Nick Purler


Athletes will be drilled three times a day and taught a high-percentage scoring system developed by the Nick Purler and proven on the collegiate and international level.

His offensive scoring system  at the Takedown Machine Camp centers around 3 areas:

1. Primary offense

2. Secondary offense

3. Counter-attack offense

His PUSH/PULL/HIT/POST/PASS system will provide the FOUNDATION to our scoring.

Nick  hammers home these skills by use of highly organized, intensive drill sessions so your child leaves our camp knowing everything taught.  In fact, Nick’s camp is the only camp in America that invites parents to come watch the final drill session where we will put your athlete through the entire camp program right before your eyes.  Proving to you that we did our jobs.  No other camp in America has the confidence to do this.

Furthermore, the only way to become a great technician is through very focused drill sessions. Ever notice why your wrestler knows a lot of moves but doesn’t hit the techniques in live competition? Your wrestler will learn an approach to training that will solve this problem. Nick does not care if your child knows the move, he cares if their muscles know the move. This is how they are able to go into ‘auto-pilot’ mode on the mat and hit the move without warning. Nick has been trained by the best in the world and he will teach your child to train like a CHAMPION.


The training camps are held at our new 15,000 sf Combative Sports Athletic Center in Moscow Mills, MO. Athletes are housed in air-conditioned bunkhouses, fed under our dining pavilion, and trained in the 15,000 sf gym area.  Days are filled with intensive drill sessions, evenings with live wrestling sessions, and there is plenty of rec time for other activities.

In addition to training wrestlers from all over the US, this camp serves as a team camp for Purler Wrestling Academy…one of America’s premiere wrestling programs. Your athlete will have plenty of training partners that understand the system. This will accelerate their learning.