Summer Overnight Camps

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Take our 24 Day Challenge!

Sign up for our Takedown Machine Camp, Three Position Camp, and Dream Season Camp and receive our Dream Season DVD set (valued at $345).  You also receive a $290 discount for coming to all three camps.

Our summer camps are held at our brand new facility in Moscow Mills, MO!

We require all campers to bring some type of skin defense wipe/foam.  Typically you can find some on Amazon.

Summer Camps List

Come to our Takedown Machine Camp and Three Position Camp and receive a $50 discount.

Do a five-day camp of your choice and the Dream Season Camp and receive a $240 discount.

Do the 24 Day Challenge (two five-day camps plus the Dream Season Camp) and receive a $290 discount.

All wrestlers who are attending back to back camps get free room and board, and supervision in between camps at NO additional cost.

Please note:  We do not have separate housing for females so all female wrestlers will have to commute.  In order to off-set the additional housing cost for females we will offer a $100 commuter discount for our 5-day camps and $225 discount for our 14-day camp.  We hope someday in the future to build the numbers and host an all-girls camp at our facility!

Round trip airport transportation is available for all camps for $50 per person.  Please book travel accordingly:

  • You are booking into Lambert International Airport (STL) in St. Louis, MO.
  • Arrange for an arrival for the night before between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. (or as close to those times as possible).  All pick ups will be fed dinner and breakfast and housed for the night as part of their airport transportation fee.
  • Book departures for the last day of camp after 7:00 p.m. (or as close as possible) or the following morning between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.  Any camper staying over night will be fed dinner and housed for no additional fee.  Breakfast is at the airport on their own.
  • Anyone booking too far outside these intervals will incur an additional $40 fee for airport transportation.
  • Pick ups are done in intervals, so some campers may be waiting for their pick up or dropped off well in advance of their flight.  Only unaccompanied minors are met at their gates at their precise arrival time and arrive exactly two hours prior to their departure.  You can use Nick’s information to book the flight:  Nick Purler* 1855 Femme Osage Creek Rd * Augusta, MO 63332 his number is 314-229-3540.  When camp gets closer we will be in touch with the name of the pick up person and you can give it to the airline at check-in.
  • Please email the itinerary to so we can add your camper to the pick up/drop off list.
  • Contact if you have any questions.

All campers receive a 50% discount on all of our DVD series.

Our camps (just like all camps) are 70% high school, and 30% middle school and youth.

We take ages 8-18 for the Three Position and Takedown Machine Camps and ages 10-18 for the Dream Season Camp. We do require that all campers have at least ONE YEAR of wrestling experience.