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All wrestlers who are attending back to back camps get free room and board, and supervision in between camps at NO additional cost.

2018 Summer Camps at our brand new facility in Moscow Mills, MO (click link for map)

Good news!  We will be holding camps are our new gym!  We are very excited to show off our new 15,000 square foot wrestling gym, new bunkhouses, and game room.  Register now to guarantee your spot we are limited to 120 wrestlers in our bunkhouses and will allow and additional 20 commuters per session.  We do not have separate housing for females so all female wrestlers will have to commute.  In order to off-set the additional housing cost for females we will offer a $100 commuter discount for our 5-day camps and $225 discount for our 14-day camp.  We hope someday in the future to build the numbers and host an all-girls camp at our facility!

Take our 24 Day Challenge!  Sign up for our Takedown Machine Camp, 3 Position Camp, and Dream Season Camp and receive our Dream Season DVD set (valued at $345).  You also receive a $290 discount for coming to all three camps. Come to our Takedown Machine Camp and Three Position Camp and get  $50 discount. If you choose one of our 5-day camps and our Dream Season Camp you get a $240 discount. We can accommodate any wrestlers who wish to stay between camps with no extra fees. Round trip airport transportation is available for all camps for $50. All campers receive a 50% discount on all of our DVD series.

Sibling discounts are $100 off total for siblings that attend the five-day camps and $240 off total for siblings that attend the 14-day camps.  Discounts are automatically given at registration.


  • One wrestler, one 5 day camp: $499.00
  • One wrestler, two 5 day camps: $963.00
  • One wrestler, one 14 day camp: $1,199.00
  • One wrestler, one 5 day camp & one 14 day camp: $1,473.00
  • One wrestler, 24 day challenge: $1,922.00
  • Two wrestlers, one 5 day camp: $913.00
  • Two wrestlers, two 5 day camps: $1,761.00
  • Two wrestlers, one 14 day camp: $2,173.00
  • Two wrestlers, one 5 day camp & one 14 day camp: $2,831.00
  • Two wrestlers, 24 day challenge: $3,629.00


  1.  Parents at camp – We do not allow parents at camp once we begin.  It is vital that we have a great and safe environment for the kids and this policy enables us to take the best care possible of your wrestler.  However, parents are welcome to visit and/or pick up their wrestler(s) any time during the camp, but are to do so at the parking lot ONLY and to text us their plans before doing so. No parents, coaches, or visitors will be allowed in the wrestling room, dining area, bunkhouse, or game room at anytime!  However, we DO invite you to come watch the LAST practice of the camp, where we will put your athlete through the camp right before your eyes, proving to you that we did the job you hired us to do.  In the meantime, plan to allow us to do our very difficult job and dedicate ourselves completely to your wrestler, while also keeping the safest environment that we can. Simply stated:  We do not do father-son camps, nor do we offer a place to hang out for vacationing parents.
  2. Things to bring – One to two canisters of antibacterial wipes to use before and after practices.  Any type of wipe will work as long as it is antibacterial.  Here is a link to a brand we recommend.  DEFENSE SOAP  Typically you can find a variety of wipes on Amazon.  We do our part by mopping the mats FOUR times a day, yes four!!   We do so after every practice, and twice after the final live wrestling practice using 2 fresh mop heads) and we absolutely soak the mats.  We also do daily skin checks in order to make our camp the cleanest camp in the USA.  After we do this, the rest is up to you, the parent, and your athlete, to make sure they are showering more than once per day and using the best soap they can.  We do not offer refunds for kids who miss sessions due to skin issues. Everyone MUST bring a water bottle. We have gone through 250,000 plastic cups EACH SUMMER in the past, and have decided that it is an unnecessary waste. Put your name on your water bottle.
  3. LOCK BOX – We will be busy training your kids, and will not be able to guard your wrestlers’ valuables. It is your responsibility to provide a combo lock (no keys) and a small secure box or storage locker for your wrestler to lock up their valuables.   Be sure to pick a sturdy box, one we suggest is linked below.

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